Digital transformation has changed the economy with more force and speed than any other factor to date. Industries have been and continue to be disrupted. New innovations and promising startups emerge daily. Matchcode applies digital strategies and technologies to transform companies and ways of doing business. We are known for our flexible approach and delivery excellence. Our solutions and services increase sales revenue, deliver competitive advantage and drive profitability.


Artificial intelligence based technologies are used to create a competitive advantage. Our mission is to solve today’s challenges of big data transforming companies the way they use their data.


Our software supports a variety of data interaction tools. The user can use the enhanced search across all data silos, filter the data by meaningful objects, visualise the data as network graphs and analyse the information.



Matchcode offers artificial intelligence based technologies. Our solutions help our customers to discover patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersections of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, statistics and database systems. We analyse structured and unstructured data and improve forecast (predictive models) and behaviours. Our products are used throughout different organisations and industries to quickly design and deploy solutions.











Energy / Utilities


FMVG / Retail







Our Industry 4.0 software is based on artificial intelligence and semantic technologies. We bring meaning to uncertainty, process large volume, connect a variety of data and handle velocity of streaming information. We learn from existing large data sets and improve forecast (predictive models), trends and behaviours.


Using our approach enables intelligent applications improving customers decision and profitability. With the rise of the W3C standards we adapted our technology to RDF, OWL and SPARQL. We are a strong believer on using proven technologies like from Apache and enhance it with semantic features.

Industry 4.0

We provide an integrated platform to collect streaming sensor data, interlink and to store it on a scalable graph based store. The collected data is analysed using machine and deep learning in order to identify “root and cause” of event anomaly detections and to enhance the predictive maintenance.



We are building a unique worldwide system infrastructure based on semantic technologies enabling a seamless integration between sales, after-sales and dealers.


The new intelligent application increases efficiency, productivity and customer loyalty. The new platform enables a business driven and customer-centric omni-channel approach.


We develop new state of the art solutions for the healthcare industry.

For example optimizing purchase order validation based on machine learning and secure material withdrawal at stations connected with real time integration to material management (e.g. SAP).

Financial Services

Analysts need to asses large volume of data to make decisions and recommendations. Investigate facts, events and sentiment will allow to predict markets, interest rates and stocks.

Linked Open Government Data


Governments can integrate, link and publish datasets via a SPARQL endpoint.

By this way governments enable a new economy that builds new applications on top of the open government data for users in different industries.

INDUSTRY 4.0 – Powered by AI4BD

Artificial intelligence 4 big data delivers solutions for complex systems, converging algorithms to co-create tangible consumer values. ai4bd drives your business-innovation through individual scenarios with cost effective implementation based on combinable existing or if needed new solution models. Including also traditional Industry 3.0- business process-automation, ai4bd sets the standard in Industry 4.0 and knowledge automation. ai4bd platform is adaptive and release independent. The methodology allows you too keep your secrets safe for your own and you can utilise available structured and non structured batch and real-time big data intelligently for your competitive advantage.