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May 2017 – Exciting news: Matchcode has become an SAP SMB Partner in EMEA.




Matchcode offers advanced marketing solutions to meet the needs of our regional and global customers. Our mission is to help companies grow by developing strong programs to support their marketing and sales strategies.


We deliver end-to-end marketing programs – from strategy, planning through execution. Our global team of marketing and sales experts will enrich your programs with innovative ideas and proven best practices: Matchcode is your partner to transform ideas into real customer experiences and generate sales qualified leads.



Matchcode helps companies deliver business results with artificial intelligence based sales and marketing solutions. Our sales enablement strategy is designed to improve sales execution and drive revenue. With our artificial intelligence based analytics software, we keep track of the sales cycle and give insight into the efficiency of the sales operations.


Artificial intelligence based technologies are used to create a competitive advantage. Our mission is to solve today’s challenges of big data transforming companies the way they use their data. Matchcode offers artificial intelligence based technologies.


Our solutions help our customers to discover patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersections of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, statistics and database systems. We analyse structured and unstructured data and improve forecast (predictive models) and behaviours.



Success and innovation is our driving force. We work with companies in every sector. We offer artificial intelligence based marketing and sales solutions for multinational IT companies (Indirect Sales). Furthermore we help innovative and fast growing companies to expand its business to new markets worldwide.


We support companies that need intelligent solutions to analyse digital documents and massive amounts of structured and unstructured data in order to make better decisions and gain an understading how they can maximize their revenue.